So when you study history you must ask yourself: Whose story am I missing? Whose voice was suppressed so that this voice could come forth? Once you have figured that out, you must find that story too. From there you get a clearer, yet still imperfect, picture~ Yaa Gyasi

Engaging with communities near and dear to my heart is to acknowledge alternative forms of knowledge production and to center, often, unheard/dismissed narratives. Through my work with the Chicago Freedom School, Practice Makes Perfect, and the Civic Education Project I seek to build relationships with Black youth and youth of color.

In my on-going networks I have assisted and organized tutoring sessions, one-on-one advising, college trips, service-learning activities, parent workshops, and public programming that cater to the needs of local communities, predominately in New York City and Chicago. Working with The Young Women’s Leadership School of the Bronx I co-led a project in which 6th and 7th graders designed personal zines. The zines emphasized self-expression, personal narrative, re-imagination and empowerment. Some of the zines were selected to be a part of Barnard College’s zine archive.

In Chicago, I have begun working with Chicago Freedom School and supporting their work with youth to create spaces where young people can become more informed as they take on roles as leaders, activists, and community organizers.

Through engaging with youth and contributing to work that provides children and young people with a healthy learning environment, Black students and students of color can be given opportunities and resources to advocate for themselves, their communities and promote self-determination.

I welcome inquiries and contact from people and organizations dedicated to serving youth populations, particularly in the Chicago area!